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What are Instagram Video views?

Our Instagram video views are quality, all-inclusive engagement campaigns centred around your category and aims – you’ll see real people commenting and enjoying what you do, because they do too!

Start with a smaller campaign if you like, put through your purchase and sit back and watch us create action …

how to buy instagram video views

What you get

  • Quality views
  • Quality likes (USA etc)
  • Quality comments
  • Permanent followers
  • Fast campaign commencement/completion
  • Exemplary customer service
  • More bonuses the longer you’re a client

You probably have a number of questions right now, so we’ll try and guess what they are an answer all of them here

Views can be focused on some countries, including USA – just ask/inform us if you have a requirement in this regard.

Likes are real, most coming from the USA and other western countries – mostly English-speaking, but we also have Spanish-speaking networks.

Comments are real instagrammers of course, more than half of our Instagram community population are female – sorry if that’s a deal-breaker!

Followers will not leave/disappear, and we stand by this guarantee.

You will receive an order completion email after your campaign has finished, and you can access our high-speed customer service at anytime before, during, and after your campaign period – just flick us a quick email anytime 24/7 and we’ll be onto it straight away.

Buy Instagram Video Views Team

Don’t go cheap

Our Instagram Video views are slightly more expensive than our cheap/fake competitors, and for good reason. You pay for quality.

If you purchase cheap views from low quality providers (like the cowboys who used to sell a million views for just a couple of hundred dollars) then sorry but you will have some problems with the service they deliver.

There are also some competitors who put their prices up to the same as ours, and try and bluff by claiming their views are high-retention and completely safe etc. It is quite simply not true – you won’t get comments, permanent followers, real likes, and the views will not do your video/s any good at all.

If you’d feel more comfortable touching base with us before placing your first order, we completely understand.

Drop us a note with any questions you have at

Video Views Prices

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Buy Instagram Video views from the safest, most trusted viral video agency with real methods for generating real exposure and engagement for your Instagram posts, videos and profile!

Buy Instagram Views Safely

Try one of our Instagram Video views packages and enjoy real results and progress today!

Get real USA likes, real comments from native English profiles – real people who are interested in your category, and interested in you!

Fast Customer Service

If there are any questions about this or any other packages please email at anytime.

Our highly experienced viral video marketers are ready and happy to serve you 24/7.

What is is the Instagram video division at Video Views International. We are not connected to or affiliated with Instagram in any way. We promote our clients' Instagram videos and photos, and increase the number of permanent followers, with engagement (likes, comments etc) included in every package.
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