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Every time you buy Instagram video views your order will be personally managed by a native English-speaking social media expert who has over 10 years experience delivering quality campaigns for clients across several genres, industries, cultures and audiences. See our prices below …

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Quality Views

Action and buzz builds momentum as we get to work straight away. We own/control the largest online properties and social media communities …

Quality Likes

Real likes by real Instagrammers interested in your video. Niches include music (pop, hip hop, R&B, electronic/dance, classical etc), sport/fitness, blogger/vlogger …

Quality Comments

The bigger the order, the more comments you’ll see, and you’ll always be pleased with the quality and relevance of the person and their thoughts or contribution to your video …

Buy Instagram Video Views FAQs

How soon after I buy Instagram Video views will I see results?

Very soon after you buy Instagram Video views, you will see results – anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or two after placing your order.

Will I also get Instagram followers?

Yes, all our clients enjoy having new followers on board every time they buy Instagram Video views from us. Real followers that will not leave or disappear – something that none of our competitors can or would even try to guarantee.

Do you have an Instagram monthly subscription service?

Yes we have one subscription option called “InstaMonth” which generates hundreds of real USA likes on all your posts (max 3 photos per day) as well as thousands of followers over the 30 days (increased with bonus followers at the end of the month if you don’t use all your 3 daily posts) and of course thousands of Instagram Video views on all your videos, with real likes and comments as always. See our InstaMonth option here.

If I buy Instagram Video views, can I use up those views over time on multiple videos?

Yes, we have no problem with your order remaining open for as long as appropriate – you can email us whenever you have another video that you’d like to use some of your views to promote.

If I buy Instagram Video views, can you target a specific country with the views?

Yes we can target countries such as USA, UK, France, Japan etc, just ask us by email or in the order notes where you paste your video information at the Checkout when you buy Instagram Video views.

Keep in mind when you buy Instagram video views, or any views for that matter, we need a little more time when you wish to target very focused/specific audiences. It’s always best to get your order in as early as possible, even purchase your package/s before your video launches, then you can update us with the relevant link/s by email as soon as it goes live.

Can I control what comments are added to my video?

No you can’t control or influence the comments that appear on your video.

We have clear standards within and among our social media communities that engagement should be more towards encouragement and ‘focusing on the positives’ which is likely to result in comments that you can appreciate and/or could help you learn something about your audience, but there is no way to control what people choose to say about your video/s.

Remember, when you buy Instagram video views you are increasing the exposure for your video, you are inviting people to watch,
enjoy, pass judgement on and participate in earnest discussion and/or feedback in relation to your Instagram video. Take the good with the bad and enjoy the ride!

How can I check if your services are safe like you say they are?

Contact us to introduce yourself and ask for a Free Trial and we’ll gladly accommodate you!

Can I also buy Facebook Video views from you?

Yes, we offer the best priced, highest quality service for Facebook Video views – Buy Facebook Video views here..

Note also that we can help with some free consult with your videos on/across any platforms – YouTube/Vevo, Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo. When you are looking to maximise the unpaid reach (aka organic ‘promotion-free’ views and growth) for your videos, there could be some key tips we can help with if you ask us.

In the case of Facebook videos linking through to YouTube/Vevo videos, and indeed Instagram videos connecting people to Facebook content – there is much to learn about audience attraction, engagement and retention so don’t be shy, use our 24/7 email service to benefit your video and channel marketing capabilities!

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